Pre-conference drinks

If you're arriving the day before the conference, please join us for an informal get-together at the Shipwrights Arms, a classic Hobart pub in the historic suburb of Battery Point, on the Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 7pm. Registration materials will be available for collection to save you time on Monday morning. Drinks at bar prices. It would be helpful if you could let us know if you are planning to come along, but this is not essential.


Poster night

A poster night and drinks / light refreshments will be held on Monday February 18th 5-7pm at the University Club (the same location as lunch each day).

Eucalypts on campus tour

A tour of notable eucalypts growing in the UTAS gardens will be guided by authors of the popular Tasmanian eucalypt field guide “Eucaflip”, Professor Brad Potts and Dr Rob Wiltshire. The 45 minute stroll around campus will depart after lunch on Wednesday.




The conference dinner will be held on Tuesday February 19th, at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The cost is $100 ($60 students) and includes dinner, drinks and entry to some galleries. Please RSVP by Tuesday 12th February.

Delegates will need to make their own way from the conference/accommodation to the dinner venue. It is a pleasant 40 min walk from the University to the Museum or 20 minutes from Sandy Bay shops/most accommodation; or buses depart every 10 minutes from University stop 11 and take 10-15 minutes to the city (disembark at Stop E Hobart Interchange).

Side trips

Photo: Rob Wiltshire

Photo: Rob Wiltshire

These are not organised officially through the conference, but if you are interested in informal side trips to Tassie's interesting eucalypts and beautiful wilderness, please join our online community to arrange sharing transport with other delegates.

Dr Dean Nicolle of Currency Creek Arboretum has kindly offered to lead a trip south of Hobart to see the tallest and smallest eucalypts (E. regnans and E. vernicosa) - please contact Dean for more information.

Other potential trip ideas include a visit to the type locality of Eucalyptus on Bruny Island, clinal variation in eucalypts on Mt Wellington close to Hobart, or dwarf eucalypts at the Freycinet Peninsula.

Delegates might also like to get together for touristy trips to the Tasman Peninsula, Freycinet Peninsula, MONA or Salamanca Market. See the Discover Tasmania website for more information.

Please note that these informal trips are not sponsored or approved by the conference and delegates are responsible for their own health, safety and security on these side trips.

Don't forget the official conference field trip will be held Thursday, February 21st.